About Our Website Design

Our web design team has many years and hundreds of sites worth of experience to share with you. We’ll use the latest technology to create a website that stands out from your competition and enhances the value of your company.

Your website is the first opportunity many people will have to learn about you and your business. Don’t let their first impression be a website that is not professionally designed. Think of it this way, if your website was one of your employees would you fire them?

Our Process

Over the last fourteen years, we've worked on hundreds of websites and we've developed a proven process that produces great results for our clients.


Discovery phase of web design

The first step in designing a website is knowing our client's goals and expectations. In the discovery phase, we ask a lot of questions and gather background information so that we have a good starting point. We can't build a successful website for our clients, if we don't know what they are trying to accomplish and what they expect from their website.


As part of the discovery phase, we do a lot of research on similar sites and competitors. We want to know what our clients are up against and how we can help them beat their competition! We also research new design techniques to ensure that the website we are designing is up-to-date with web design trends.


Design phase
Design Mockups:

Based on the background information we gather in the first phase and the results of our research, we begin to put together a design mockup. We use Adobe Photoshop for designing our mockups and present them to the client as an image. This gives them a visual concept that they can review. Our design process includes two rounds of revisions.


HTML Production/Validation:

We convert your design into W3C standards-compliant, semantic HTML for maximal Search Engine readability and browser compatibility. Our markup positions your most important content closest to the top of the page for added search relevancy, and we preserve all design transparency for maximum flexibility. We are CSS experts and our use of positioning and background images will keep your code clean and POSH.


We combine the best Javascript the web has to offer with the most robust Content Management System for your needs to produce a manageable, expansible website with you in control. Training is provided to make sure you are able to get the most out of all of the features available to you. If in the future you require additional features, chances are we will be able to integrate them quickly and seamlessly.



We look at your developing site in multiple browsers. At the end of the programming, we check your site in many browsers and circumstances to be sure that it works as you expect it to.

Search Engines Optimization:

After we are sure that the site is up and ready to go, we call in the experts to prime it for Search Engines. We research your industry-relevant keywords and make sure that these words are found in multiple places in your content, including the places where these words weigh the most. We give you the best chance, right off the bat, to come up in search engines in relevant searches.

What’s Next?

We are happy to answer any of your questions.