Jan 26 2012

With the beginning of the New Year and all those personal resolutions in mind, why not add some resolutions in regards to you online business? The majority of your potential customers will look online for information on products/services they need. Your website greets more visitors than anyone else in your business, so make sure you make a great first impression!New Year's Resolutions

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should update your website:

1. Your content is obsolete.

Consider the changes your company and your customers have gone through these past few years. Maybe you’ve added staff or new products; or you have revised policies and procedures. It is always a good idea to review your content frequently to make sure you are giving your customers correct and relevant information.

2. Your website is not optimized for mobile devices.

With the rapidly growing percentage of mobile devices being used to navigate the web, it is of upmost importance for your online business to reach all potential customers. If customers find it difficult to navigate and view your website, you might lose that potential client to a competitor whose website is better optimized for smartphones.

3. Your website was designed in the last century!

A professionally designed website can make a big difference in the message you broadcast to the world. If you’re ready to start 2012 with a new professionally designed website that will represent who you are today rather than years ago, then contact us today!

It is always a good idea to review your website on a monthly basis and make sure all your links are working properly and if you have an ecommerce site, that the check out process works as it should. Also, make sure to update your copyright date and notice with the New Year! If you need to make any changes or refresh the look of your site, contact us and we can help!

Make 2012 a successful year for your business!