Jul 18 2011

Mobile Web Optimization

By Armida Finser

Now a days, anywhere we go we see people surfing the web through their smartphones or mobile devices. At the doctor’s office, on the train, at the airport … more and more people are going mobile. With the increase of mobile device users, the reality is that having a mobile optimized website is now a necessity.
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Jan 27 2011

Writing Great Web Content

By Karim Ardalan

Many of our clients struggle with writing copy for their websites. This article includes 15 great tips for writing web copy.

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Dec 07 2009

By now everyone has heard about facebook and twitter. They are the top two social networking sites. We published an article on our blog recently about the importance of using twitter for business. Facebook with 350 million users is becoming an even more important tool for business. It's important to note that there is a difference between creating a facebook profile and a facebook page for your business.  Full Article

Aug 11 2009

Have You been Hearing about Twitter? Ever Wondered if There Might be a Way you Could Harness Its Power to Help Your Business Website? Twitter has been all over the news recently. The network daily news programs have reported on Twitter and invited viewers to follow them on it. The weekly news magazines have had stories on it. And people are talking about members of Congress Twittering while listening to Obama speak.  Full Article

Jul 28 2008

Congratulations to all the companies in New Mexico Business Weekly's list of Top Women-owned businesses published this week. Three of our clients that made the list this year:

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Feb 26 2008
These are some characteristics of a good business website: Business Website
  1. The look and feel (first impression, navigation, general appearance)
    1. Professional design - not too busy or complicated. The first thing a viewer sees is the "design". It needs to reassure the viewer that he/she is dealing with a professional business. But it also needs to allow viewers to get the information they are seeking.
    2. Navigation needs to be simple and to offer the viewer access to the pages they want or need. The design needs to work with the "buttons" or "navigation". Sitemaps are good for the search engine but viewers often do not use them. So from the home page and from all other pages, a site needs to offer the viewer the main pages the viewer is most likely to want or need.
    3. Naming your pages. It doesn't hurt if you name your pages (like about.html or faq.html) with keywords (for a site about dogs: about-dogs.html or dogs-faq.html).
    4. The presentation of the text needs to be considered. Text needs to be large enough, with enough contrast to its background for your target audience to read easily. Headers and subheaders need to introduce and break up the text.
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  1. Make sure everything you publish, write, etc. lists your website address: letterhead, business cards, ads, signature file on all email you send off (almost all email programs will allow you to specify a signature file that will automatically add itself to the bottom of all email you send off and will have your name, address, website address, phone number, fax number, email address and maybe a slogan.
  2. If you have the time visit forums and list servs where your target audience "meets". Check the posts until someone asks a question that you can answer. Post your helpful answer. If the forum or list serv doesn't allow you to link to your own address, they may allow a signature file. Check for their rules on these things.
  3. Check other websites in your field that are not in direct competition with you. Check to see if they have a link page. If they have a link page, add a link to them from your website and email to tell them that and to ask for a link back - also ask if they want to send you a few words of explanation to go with your link to them. Send them your full link, the words that should be clickable and a few words of explanation (if they allow that to others on their link page).
  4. If you have more money than time, consider pay per click.
  5. Add a blog to your site. Google subscribes to blog post notification services and likes websites that have blogs that are continually updated.
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Jul 13 2007

We We Calculator

By Barbara Warne
If you're in the business of serving customers then your website content should reflect that. If your website is all about how great you are but doesn't say anything about your customers then you might be sending the wrong message to your audience. Full Article