It’s incredible how fast the year has gone by and that holiday shopping season is less than two months away! With Internet sales increasing year by year, it is important to have an eCommerce solution that will enable you to take part of these sales. 

Is your website ready to offer customers the shopping experience they are looking for? According to comScore Inc., holiday online sales last year totaled $13.55 billion for just the month of November with Cyber Monday accounting for $1.028 billion. Total eCommerce sales for the year of 2010 totaled $165.4 billion, with forecasts expecting them to reach $197.3 billion for 2011.

Useful eCommerce marketing tips to have your online store ready for holiday season shopping:

  • Make sure all your content is up-to-date and that your products are showing up correctly.
  • Go through the shopping process and check that all products are added to the shopping cart correctly, and customers can check out without a problem.
  • Have special promotions for the holiday season and use early-season messages in your marketing campaigns.
  • Share all your promotions with your social media followers (Facebook, Twitter).
  • If you offer gift cards and certificates feature them right on your homepage. If you don't, now is the time.
  • Customize your SEO or AdWords campaigns for your website to reflect the shopping needs of the holiday season.
  • Use holiday keywords when writing blog posts and don’t forget to increase your PPC budget to capture as much traffic as possible.
  • Add a little bit of holiday themed flare to your website to give it the extra something to catch a customer’s attention. But remember, it is important to remove the holiday theme on time, once the season is over.

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