Oct 18 2012

The holidays are just around the corner and another year has gone by in a hurry. With that in mind, it’s time to get your online business ready for the online holiday shopping frenzy. Research shows that in 2011, consumers spent approximately $37.2 billion online in the months of November and December. Although December is the strongest month for holiday shopping, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are drive significant revenue for online retailers. Ready For the Holidays

Also, according to a study published by SOASTA, a company that provides Web and Mobile App analytics, more Americans will shop online this holiday season in their attempt to find better deals and save on gas money. With this in mind, the time to get your website ready for this surge of holiday visitors is now!

The most important tips to help you get ready for the 2012 Holiday Season are:

  1. Have a mobile-friendly website. More customers are using their mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to shop online. Don’t miss out on possible online sales because your site is hard to navigate on a mobile device.
  2. Engage with clients using Social Media. Make sure you have at least one social media account that you use to interact with your customers and fans.
  3. Review your website. It’s a good time to go through the content on your site and make sure the information is up to date, as well as ensuring that you do not have any broken links or misinformation.
  4. Send out marketing campaigns. Use a holiday theme template to remind your customers of your brand and the services you can offer them during the holiday season.
  5. Offer pre-holiday promotions. You can get ahead from the competition by offering a special promotion to your customers.
  6. Reach customers with blog posts. Use specific keywords to get the word out there to those clients that are already working on their shopping lists.

Also updating your website to reflect the holiday season will make your site more attractive to customers. Try updating your logo with a holiday theme or creating a specific landing page to link from your email campaigns. Differentiating your business for your customers will help them get into the shopping spirit!