Nov 19 2014

Social media usage has exploded over the past decade.  And by exploded, we mean there are billions of monthly users on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter.  And the best part is: social media is free!  So how can your business get a slice of that pie?  Here are 3 quick tips to use social media to grow your business.3 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Business

1.  Link your website to your social media pages.

Research shows that consumers are more likely to try a product or service if it is recommended by a friend.  Therefore including the icons for your social media accounts in the header or footer of your website is important in order for customers to easily share and recommend your business.  If these links are not currently on your site, it may be time for a redesign!

2.  Use targeted mediums.

The sheer number of social media options can be overwhelming.  Instead of trying to do it all, we recommend focusing on the mediums that resonate the most with your target demographic.  Own a real estate company?  Twitter and LinkedIn are awesome resources for networking.  Have your own restaurant?  Post mouth-watering images of your signature dishes on Instagram and Pinterest.  Creating a Facebook business page separate from your personal profile is a must for just about everyone, and claiming your Yelp business page is also a good idea to monitor people's reviews of your services.  Yet just having a stagnant account is not enough; you have to post content that your followers want to engage with.  If you can't find time to manage your social media accounts, it may be a worthwhile investment to hire someone to manage them for you.

3.  Be an active contributor.

In order for people to want to “like” and follow you, you have to post valuable content on a regular basis.  We recommend a balanced mix of self-promotion and relevant industry information.  For example, Monday you could post about your holiday sale, but on Tuesday, share an interesting news article or blog post written by someone else.  By sharing content from other industry professionals, you demonstrate that your business is in-tune with trending topics.  This interaction also encourages reciprocal commenting and sharing, and will likely increase the traffic to your own posts.  Contributing in this way shows that you are genuinely trying to connect with followers, not just make a sale.

For more information on how to make the most of social media check out our previous Facebook and Twitter blog posts, or give us a call to set up a one-on-one social media marketing consultation.